Kenneth Springer : Senior Full Stack Developer / Experienced Programmer / Engineer / Innovator / Founder

Kenneth founded the projects Hueyify and snapWONDERS to help his disabled son Huey, who lost his eyesight at the age of 4 to make better use of the Web and tackle accessibility. Now the projects continue in Huey’s memory (may his gentle soul rest in peace always).


Let's make a better world online! Digital Media — Privacy, Metadata, Copyrights & Accessibility.

snapWONDERS exposes the privacy / tracking / hidden metadata concerns and copyright issues within photos and videos online. We have tested with photos from 1300+ different Camera Models / Mobiles and still counting…

On Hueyify

We are now at a point where our online experiences no longer need to be determined by a Web developer. Excitingly, Web browsing can now be tailored on a user-by-user basis, taking the concept of accessibility to a new level. It's time to reimagine what you thought was possible for the way we engage with information online.

About Kenneth:

Kenneth Springer is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading software developers. He is a computer engineer, an alumnus of The University of Melbourne and a forward-thinking Senior Full Stack Developer / Experienced Programmer / Engineer / Innovator / Founder with more than 20 years' experience. He is passionate towards helping to make a better world online.

Afflicted with Craniometaphyseal Dysplasia – an extremely rare condition – Kenneth knows better than most how daily challenges can be overcome with technology. His son Huey (may his gentle soul rest in peace always) lost his eyesight and became legally blind at the age of four. For people like Huey, using the Web was a daily battle. Inspired by his son (and in his memory) that the Web could be simpler to navigate, Kenneth saw an opportunity to improve Web accessibility and founded Hueyify.

Due to personal reasons and health considerations Kenneth reconnected with travel, hiking & nature. Stumbling into the world of photography, digital media and the need to story tell our journeys in a beautiful way left Kenneth pondering about privacy concerns, metadata, tracking, copyrights, online safety and accessibility in the realm of sharing content on social media and online. Wanting to help improve and make a better world online resulted in the founding of snapWONDERS.

Kenneth spends his spare time on snapWONDERS and Hueyify working tireless to bring his vision to fruition. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning — Kenneth feels the gentle presence of Huey.

Photo of Kenneth on the edge of a cliff edge. Ocean view with Islands showing in back drop.

Kenneth's Focus

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Protect your Privacy and Copyrights online. Expose the Metadata hidden inside your digital photos

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Storytelling your journeys in a beautiful way!

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Innovation that simplifies the Web with preferences, control & personalisation: The World Wide Web — Your Way™

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Software house behind snapWONDERS™ and brownSignWONDERS™.

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